10 Motorcycles from the 90s that were like soooooo 1990…

We’re going to take you back, right back to the decade of the 1990s.

You’re suffocating in an o-zone layer hole punching of hairspray, the Es are good Es are good, E’s Ebenezer Goode and the ‘in’ colours are all over them, preferably fluorescent.

It is also the decade motorcycles started to evolve more quickly, shifting generations that went with the fashions and technology wowed us frequently.

Indeed, this was the decade that had it all, from Foggy dominant in WSB and a packed Brands Hatch, to rotary Nortons smoking the Race of Aces; from a resurgent British biking industry (with Triumph) to some of the best sports 750s ever; from radical biking icons such as the 916 and RC45 to some radical biking disasters, such as Yamaha’s GTS 1000 and Bimota’s bonkers Mantra.