26 Movie Wedding Dresses I Really Like Or Really Don’t

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Katniss’s wedding dress in Catching Fire is tremendous.


Cinderella’s gorgeous, delicate dress from Cinderella (2015).

Walt Disney Pictures

I would wear this gown in a heartbeat. The way it’s both effortless and detailed is, in the words of Lorraine Baines McFly from Back to the Future, “an absolute dream.”


Juliet’s quite strange wedding dress in Love Actually.

Universal Pictures

The back is lovely, but good god do I detest the front. Why is it kind of a cape? Why is there feather-y stuff at the top? Nope.


Zooey’s simple stunner in I Love You, Man.

Dreamworks Pictures

Though normally I don’t enjoy bows and belts on wedding dresses, the casual, calm confidence here makes the makes the belt/bow work. It’s like the outfit doesn’t give a shit about the wedding but definitely gives a shit about the marriage, which I find stellar.


This confusing dress from Runaway Bride.

Paramount Pictures

I don’t understand the fabric situation on the bottom. It’s as if this was originally two different dresses, and the top part isn’t sufficiently beautiful to make up for it.


Katniss’s sneaky wedding dress from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.


When I’d forgotten this turned into a Mockingjay dress, I didn’t appreciate it because I thought it had too much going on while also being kind of predictably boring. But two dresses in one, via flames? A winner.


Ariel’s somehow tame dress in The Little Mermaid.

Walt Disney Pictures

The sleeves are nothing short of ooooooof, but despite how noteworthy they are in a negative way, the dress, all together, is pretty much a nothing. I don’t know how.


Maria’s elegant dress in The Sound of Music.

Twentieth Century Fox

The collar is too high, but that’s okay. It don’t care all that much because this wedding dress is simple, traditionally classy, and cool. If only I could say the same about me.


Sophie’s Free People-esque wedding dress from Mamma Mia!.

Universal Pictures

I love the vibe it’s going for, but the execution is not good. It feels like the dress wants to be like Zooey’s from I Love You, Man (#3), but there’s too much fabric in the way.


Grace’s phenomenal dress from Ready or Not.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

I fucking love it. This is the exact mood, comfortability, and dance-ability I would want in a wedding dress. If the bodice were slightly higher, it would be 100% perfect.


Mia’s forgettable dress in The Best Man.

40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks

The best part about it is the sheer sleeves, but other than that, I feel so little about this that it circles back around to being bad. Plus, no to the flowers on the back.

A no.

40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks


This large dress from Runaway Bride.

Paramount Pictures

I’m not a fan of the tiny little ruffly sleeves, but it’s not a large enough issue to overpower the fact that I’m fond of everything else. Big skirts are super fun.


Mary’s red wedding dress in About Time.

Working Title Films

There is only one single reason this gown isn’t a yes: the little ruffly sleeves. Unlike with the last one, these little ruffly sleeves are too much ruffle for me to get past.


Cinderella’s fairy tale-y dress in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

Walt Disney Television

It’s not my style – I wouldn’t wear it because of those sleeve things and the sparkles on the top – but it’s so right for Cinderella that this has to be a yes.


Toula’s big wedding dress in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Gold Circle Films

There’s too much going on by 125%. I’m positive about the overlay stuff and the skirt is solid, but I think the rest of it should go find another gown to be with.


Giselle’s gigantic wedding dress in Enchanted.

Walt Disney Pictures

True, it’s extremely big and poofy, and that’s why the dress from My Big Fat Greek Wedding was a no, but this one sinks its teeth into the princess-ness so well that it’s great. A flawless parody.


Margaret’s dated dress from The Proposal.

Touchstone Pictures

The fabric and color are wonderful, and I really like wedding dresses with long sleeves, but, look, the chest part makes this look like what the ghost who’s haunting you is wearing.


The tea length wedding dress Jo wears in Funny Face.

Paramount Pictures

The low waist isn’t my taste, but I can see that the dress is outstanding if it’s your kind of thing, so it’s a victory.


This dress Buttercup wears in The Princess Bride.

Act III Communications

There’s something magical about a light blue, old-timey dress, and the crown is aces. I almost like it all. But, alas, it’s simply too nightgown-y for me.


Bella’s timeless dress in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1.

Summit Entertainment

She’s, what, 18, and she’s marrying an old, old vampire man, but cast that aside and the dress is exquisite! The back is fancy in such a fun way and the front is unique without being too much.


Jane’s uninteresting wedding dress at the end of 27 Dresses.

Fox 2000 Pictures

Something about the combination of the fabric and the neckline makes me feel a strong eh. My apologies if you love this gown, but I find it dull.


Araminta’s gold wedding dress in Crazy Rich Asians.

Warner Bros.

Ruffles and that transparent mesh stuff on a bodice aren’t usually my cup of tea, but this is undeniably awesome. It’s the kind of dress a secret agent would wear.


Mia’s dress from the seminal film The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.

Walt Disney Pictures

OK, so I would like it fine if the embroidery-esque part were over the whole gown, but as it is, I make an ew face every time I look at it for too long.


Cinderella’s classic wedding dress in Cinderella (1950).

Walt Disney Productions

If you prefer your wedding dresses ornate, I understand why this one might be a hard pass, but I adore it. It’s so pretty and easy-breezy while still having a big, dance-y skirt. The dress rocks. (Do people actually say “rocks”?)


This bubble-esque dress from Runaway Bride.

Paramount Pictures

The stripe thing at the bottom is fun, but the shape of the dress and the collar are fine-to-bad. Basically, this is a whatever I don’t have any malice toward.


Kay’s very, very elaborate dress in Father of the Bride (1950).

Transcendental Graphics / Getty Images

I’m sure you know by now that, generally, I favor fairly relaxed wedding dresses, but that doesn’t apply at the moment because oh my god, what a dress. Would I wear it? No, probably not. Would I gasp, utterly thrilled if my friend wore it? No question.


And finally, Lillian’s canonically awful dress in Bridesmaids.

Universal Pictures

The whole point of this gown is that it’s terrible, so it’s a compliment to the Bridesmaids costume designer to say that the only non-ransom context in which I would wear this dress to my actual wedding is if it were a joke. Which, honestly, I would do.

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