Before It’s Too Late: Making The Best Of Your Youth

Ever imagined yourself old, weak and helpless ? This is an inevitable stage every individual given the grace of long life must reach. This is when one’s mental and physical capabilities reduce gradually. The only thing that counts at this stage is what a person has done behind. This is when a person reaps what he/she has initially sown, whether good or bad. As a youth, what are you sowing for your future ?

It is quite unfortunate that most youths do not ponder about their future and end up living purposeless lives. Social vices such as gambling, violence, drug abuse, stealing etc. are found among today’s youths. Little do they know that they are hastening to the land of destruction and regret. They focus on materialism and live miserable lives. Are these the future leaders ?

Moreover, we must learn to appreciate the importance of youth. It is a privilege given to us by the Almighty to maximise our potentials and make things work right. This is a stage in which all the vigour, strength and intellectual capability are still in our possession. It is better to make the best out of this opportunity before it’s too late. We have to do this by living our lives with purpose and using such purpose to do positive things.

“A life not spent at all is better than a life spent without purpose”

Living a purposeful life can be primarily achieved through self discovery. By knowing what you can actually do best, you are paving your way to success. Setting your goals right is another step. You must challenge yourself to achieve something great in life. Giving your commitment by being hardworking, focused and productive is also important. “Success lies on four pillars; …..FOCUS, PERSEVERANCE, DETERMINATION and PRAYER, so if you want to be an achiever, erect them well”

More importantly, the youths are very relevant in every aspect of our society; from Socio-economic to political to moral and so on. We must therefore make it a duty to acquire the tools necessary for development by developing ourselves first. This can be achived by acquiring PROPER KNOWLEDGE. Since knowledge is an antidote to ignorance, we must seek for it by constant learning through EDUCATION. We must also build our intellectual property and creativity and learn how to use them effectively to make a positive impact.

In conclusion, we youths must bear in mind that we are potential leaders. Therefore, we have to develop the right attitude to life. We must make the best use of our time and never relent in our efforts. We should aim at becoming the best we can be. My dear readers, let’s live by the words of Teddy Roservelt ; “Do what you can with what you have where you are”

Above all put GOD ALMIGHTY FIRST in all you do. I wish you SUCCESS.