Best THC Gummies on the Market: Reviews & Guide of 2021

With the legalization of hemp in 2018, more and more hemp-derived products are starting to pop up in stores. Delta 8 THC is one of those products. It has much milder side effects than its cousin, delta 9 THC, but is becoming just as popular because users don’t feel any of the adverse side effects such as paranoia and anxiety.

Due to the fact that delta 8 THC products are legal, the cannabis industry has been booming, and more and more companies are now crafting and selling their own delta 8 THC products. The most common form of delta 8 THC products includes tinctures, capsules, concentrates, vapes, and edibles. Edibles in the form of gummies, however, are undoubtedly the most popular.

Here, we’ve reviewed some of the best and more reputable delta 8 THC brands out there and the products they have to offer, including their delta 8 THC gummies.

Delta 8 THC Gummies Versus Delta 9 THC Gummies

Delta 9 THC is also commonly referred to as marijuana. You can typically find delta 9 THC gummies, but unlike delta 8 THC gummies, they aren’t legal unless you happen to live in a state where marijuana has been legalized for recreational use. Aside from the legality standpoint, many people are choosing delta 8 gummies over delta 9 gummies for various reasons.

For one, delta 8 gummies give users many of the same effects and health benefits as delta 9 THC gummies do. However, the effects are less mild and don’t come with adverse side effects such as anxiety and paranoia that are typically associated with delta 9 THC.

This is only the beginning of the advantages of using delta 8 THC gummies.

The Legality of Delta 8 THC

As mentioned previously, delta 8 THC is considered legal thanks to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill that states all hemp products are considered legal so long as they contain less than 0.3% of delta 9 THC in them. Delta 8 THC is legal so that you can find delta 8 products sold in vape shops, dispensaries, gas stations, and even online. That is unless you live in one of the 12 states that have already banned delta 9 THC – Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, and Utah.

Milder Side Effects with Delta 8 THC

The compounds of delta 8 and delta 9 are very similar, but the difference is in their atomic bonds. It appears that delta 8 THC has a double bond at the eighth carbon chain, while on the other hand, delta 9 THC has this bond at the ninth chain. This might seem like an insignificant difference, but it makes a huge difference in terms of potency. It means that delta 8 is only half as potent as delta 9, which, as mentioned previously, means its effects are milder than delta 9.

However, this isn’t to say that you won’t feel any effects at all with delta 8 THC. By taking delta 8 THC, you’ll still feel somewhat impaired, drowsy, and “high,” but not like you would with delta 9.

Longer Lasting Effects

Despite being only half as potent as delta 9 THC, delta 8 THC’s effects last longer than delta 9’s. Researchers have even discovered that after taking delta 8 THC, appetite stimulation is more pronounced than after consuming marijuana, or delta 9.

Online Vendors

Another advantage of delta 8 THC gummies is that you can order them online instead of having to buy them from a dispensary or head shop. You can’t do this with marijuana gummies since they are only legal in states that have approved the use of recreational marijuana.

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Best THC Gummies: The Top Ten Delta 8 THC Brands to Shop From

While it’s a huge advantage that hemp has become legalized, it hasn’t quite become regulated, which means there are no standards for the quality and safety of these products. Although there are some great companies out there making sure their products are safe for consumers, other brands aren’t as considerate.

If you’re new to the delta 8 THC scene or simply want to know what companies to steer clear of and which ones you can trust, you’ll appreciate the guide we’ve put together to help you while you shop. We’ve gone ahead and done as much research as possible on all the delta 8 THC brands around and have narrowed down ten of the best brands to shop from.

Factors We Considered Before Choosing the Best Delta 8 THC Gummies on Our List:

  • Their effects: we wanted to ensure that these gummies worked as advertised and gave you an ideal high without any negative side effects.
  • Customer reviews: we scoured through customer reviews to make sure people were satisfied with these products.
  • Extraction method: We considered the extraction process and whether the company was honest about its manufacturing process.
  • Ingredients used: we checked to ensure all the ingredients used in the product were safe and organic.
  • Source of hemp: we checked to see if the hemp used in the products was grown organically and safely and without using any toxic chemicals.

Below are the top ten delta 8 THC gummies that made the cut.

1. Area 52



  • Hemp is grown in the United States
  • The Delta 8 THC distillate used is pure
  • Each gummy contains 25 mg of delta 8 THC
  • Gummies come in a variety of flavors
  • They are tested via third-party labs
  • Affordable


  • They aren’t available everywhere
  • Gummies don’t come in a low potency

What Makes Area 52 Gummies the Best?

Despite being newcomers, Area 52 is already rising in popularity in the delta 8 THC scene. Their products are made using organic hemp and are as pure as they get, thanks to the slow extraction method used. Better yet, all of Area 52’s products – including their gummies, are tested in third-party labs for potency and purity.

Each pack of gummies from Area 52 consist of 30 gummies in assorted flavors. Each gummy has a dose of 25 mg of delta 8 THC, so each gummy packs quite the punch. Area 52 put a lot of thought into their gummies and made sure they could be consumed by everyone regardless of their dietary restrictions. The brand is highly recommended by Kitsap Daily News and The Observer.

2. Finest Labs



  • Made using hemp grown in the United States
  • Made using CO2 extraction
  • Contains 25 mg of delta 8 per serving
  • Vegan
  • Are made with a broad-spectrum extract
  • Come in strawberry flavor


  • More expensive than other brands
  • Has only one flavor

Why We Like Finest Labs Gummies

Finest Labs also hasn’t spent much time on the market as they are a reasonably new brand, just like Area 52. But due to the quality of their products, they’ve become quite popular. The hemp used in Finest Labs products is derived from farms in California and Colorado, some of the best areas in the United States to grow hemp. You can rest assured that Finest Labs’ products are safe as they are tested for potency and purity at different stages of production.

In terms of gummies, Finest Labs has just one flavor to offer – strawberry. However, the flavor is delicious, and each gummy comes loaded with 25 mg of delta 8 THC. To reach optimal effectiveness, it is recommended that you take one to two gummies.

3. Delta Effex



  • Each pack of gummies contains five different flavors
  • Each serving has 20 mg of delta 8 THC
  • They use pure delta 8 THC distillate
  • The products are lab tested for potency and purity


  • Little to no information about the history of the company
  • Their return policy is strict
  • The products are not made for vegan consumption

What to Know About Delta Effex

Delta Effex’s wide range of products consists of Delta 8 tinctures, vape cartridges, hemp flowers, concentrates, edibles, and pods. Their gummies come in packages of 10 gummies each, and each gummy has 20 mg of pure delta 8 THC in them, a slightly smaller dose than the previous brands we have mentioned. One of the best things about this brand’s gummies is that each package consists of gummies that come in five different flavors – strawberry, green apple, mango, blue razz, and a mystery flavor.

While Delta Effex uses third-party lab testing on their products, they don’t mention where the source of their hemp comes from. Another unfortunate thing about this brand is that their gummies are made using gelatin, making them non-vegan. If you’re not happy with the product, you have few options as Delta Effex has a strict return policy.

4. Diamond CBD



  • They are a well-known company
  • Each package comes with 50 gummies
  • They come in two flavors
  • Each serving contains 6 mg of CBD isolate and delta 8 THC
  • The products are lab tested for potency and purity


  • Their products are not inexpensive
  • They do not offer international shipping

What to Know About Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD is known for its wide variety of products which include CBD. Their gummies come in two different flavors – fruity and tropical, and are made with a formula that includes CBD isolate combined with delta 8 THC distillate. This, in turn, allows the consumer to benefit from both cannabinoids at the same time.

One of the best things about Diamond’s gummies is that, unlike other brands, they come in two different options in terms of potency. You can find them in both 25 mg and 10 mg. The gummies do contain gelatin in them, which doesn’t make them suitable for vegans.

5. Delta 8 Pro


Delta 8 Pro provides a full range of products that any CBD fan will enjoy. Their line includes offerings ranging from gummies and pictures to moon rocks and more.

With just 25mg of delta 8 THC per gummy, Delta 8 Pro Pyramid Gummies come in vegan, organic and artificial-ingredient-free varieties with a delicious fruity flavor. This affordable product is a great buy, especially if you’re new to concentrates. They deliver a mental boost courtesy of the healthy dose of delta 8 marijuana without any harsh aftertaste.

The gummies are not tested for contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents. The lab analysis that the company posts on its website only shows three cannabinoids included in the results: delta 8 THC, CBD, and delta 9 THC. There isn’t a customer-friendly refund program available, either.

6. Everest


Everest makes delicious delta 8 THC gummies from all organic hemp with no GMO, gluten, soy, or dairy. These gummies are great for vegans and people with food allergies. The gummies pack 20 mg of delta 8 THC in each piece and are available in the pleasant-tasting Blue Raspberry flavor, which is an advantage compared to other gummies at this price point.

The good thing about Everest is that it tests its products in a third-party lab for potency as well as potential contaminants. They only offer one flavor, though, which brings them down on our list.

7. Moonwlkr


Moonwlkr offers only two types of delta 8 THC products: gummies and vapes. These gummies come in a wide variety of popular flavors and contain 25mg of delta 8 per piece.

The gummies are made with organic hemp and infused with cannabis-derived terpenes from specific strains, such as:

  • Pineapple Express
  • Strawberry Sour Diesel
  • Blue Dream Berry
  • OG Kush
  • and more!

All of the flavors are named for a specific type of fruit that the flavors most resemble. Each gummy contains 25 mg of delta 8-THC, which provides a great buzz for new consumers.

Though these gummies taste good, they lack flavor complexity and have an unpleasant artificial aftertaste. The company also uses artificial food dye, which makes the consumer question the quality of other ingredients in this product.

8. Binoid


Binoid offers a range of different cannabinoid-based products, including CBD, delta 8 THC, delta 10 THC, and THCV. The Binoid Delta 8 THC gummies are one of its most popular items, but why?

The answer lies in their distillate process. With this particular brand, the delta 8 THC distillate is actually shot straight into the gummy, which is one of the factors that separates it from the other brands on this list.

Binoid D8 gummies come in only three varying flavors: Strawberry Bliss, Sour Green Apple Candy, and Peach Dream. They also offer a grab-bag option with a variety of flavors.

Each bottle of THC dosage-appropriate gummies contains 20 pieces, with 25mg per piece. The formula is free from animal derivatives and gluten, which only adds to its already amazing quality.

The perfect balance of both sweet, chewy, and sour flavors creates a mouthwatering delight for any cannabis lover looking to try something new. These gummies also test positive for potency, so you know that each piece is full of genuine THC.

One disappointment with this brand is that they do not offer any rewards, discounts, or gift cards. This means that their gummies are more expensive than those of the competition.

9. Exhale Wellness


Exhale Wellness produces some of the most sought-after delta 8 THC gummies that are made from organic hemp and are free of additives. Although the brand is among the newer names to enter this space, it has already received attention for its high-potency delta 8 THC gummies.

Exhale Wellness gummies create a euphoric experience while also delivering 50 mg of delta 8 THC with every pack. These potent, plump candies come in five delightful fruit flavors such as blueberry, pomegranate, grapefruit, apricot, and cranberry that are developed from naturally sourced juices and concentrates.

The only downside is that Exhale Wellness fails to offer a single-flavor option for their gummy. They also only have low potency options, which is really only great for those who may be new to the experience.

10. 3Chi



  • Well-known brand
  • 25 mg of delta 8 THC per serving
  • Comes in a wide variety
  • Lab-tested


  • No low-dose options are available
  • Not much information in terms of hemp source
  • They use artificial coloring and flavors

What to Know About 3Chi

Unlike the other two brands we have already mentioned, 3Chi has been around for a lot longer. Therefore, they’ve had more time to create a broader spectrum of products, which include two types of gummies. Each package of gummies comes with 8 or 16 servings, with the smaller package consisting of 200 mg and the larger one 400 mg. Your flavor options for these gummies include raspberry and watermelon, but keep in mind that these flavors are artificial.

Even though they are a veteran company, there is little information about the source of hemp that 3Chi uses.

What Exactly Is a Delta 8 THC Gummy?

Most people are probably familiar with CBD and marijuana gummies, but not delta 8 THC gummies. However, they consist of the same base, except they are made using the delta 8 THC distillate instead. Not all delta 8 THC gummies are created equal, so when shopping around for some, be sure to pay attention to the ingredient list, warns CFAH. Ideally, the gummies should contain pure delta 8 THC distillate, organic sweeteners, organic fruit juices and concentrates, and a stabilizer such as gelatin or fruit pectin (for vegan gummies).

In some instances, some hemp companies will combine their extracts with other cannabinoids and terpenes to add more value to their product and boost the formula. Gummies tend to be more popular because they are a great way to manage doses, unlike vapes or oils.

Can You Get High Using Delta 8 THC Gummies?

The short answer is yes, you can. However, the high you get is much milder than the one you would experience using regular marijuana since delta 8 is less potent than delta 9. Many users prefer using delta 8 products for this very reason. Not only is the high more manageable, but it doesn’t give you the paranoia and anxiety that you would typically get with delta 9 products.

How to Find High-Quality Delta 8 THC Gummies

Brands can sell their products without meeting a particular standard because of the lack of regulation in the delta 8 THC industry. Unfortunately, this gives room for a lot of low-quality products especially those offered locally. To avoid buying low-quality products, you need to know how to distinguish between low-quality and high-quality brands.

Take Into Consideration the Brand’s Reputation

Before you take the plunge and buy something from a vendor, be sure to do as much research as you can on them. Look for customer reviews on third-party sites and check the brand’s website to read up on where their hemp source comes from, the extraction method they use, and more.

The Ingredients

This is another essential thing to consider when buying delta 8 THC products. Ideally, you want a product that has the least amount of ingredients in it as possible. Some brands are known for putting additives into their product, which may not be something you want to consume. Not only that, but if you are on dietary restrictions, some products may contain things such as gelatin and gluten that may not suit your dietary requirements. Always be sure to check ingredients before buying a product.

Third-Party Lab Results

To ensure that their products are safe for public consumption, some companies have their products tested via third-party labs. This way, the results are unbiased, and people can see that the company is transparent about their products’ ingredients.

Typically, you can find the results of these tests on the product’s Certificate of Analysis or COA.

Source of the Product

If you want to make sure your products are top-quality, check to see where the hemp plants used in the product were grown. Ideally, you want to find a product that uses organically grown hemp to contain less toxic substances.

Extraction Method

There are two things to consider in terms of the extraction method: the extraction process and what exactly is getting extracted from the plant.

  • The process: Many different extraction methods can be used. This includes CO2, olive oil, or ethanol extraction. Each method is entirely different and has advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, the method chosen affects the chemical profile of the end product.
  • The extraction: For the most part, full-spectrum extraction will leave most of the elements from the hemp plant intact, including trace cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and trace amounts of THC. However, even further filtration could potentially remove everything from the oil except delta 8 THC. In turn, the manufacturer can manually add back any elements they want.

Potency of the Product

Dosage is yet another essential thing to think about when purchasing delta 8 THC gummies. As we’ve seen, they come in various dosages, so which one you choose all depends on your tolerance to delta 8 THC. If you’re a first-timer, it’s best to start out taking smaller doses and then go from there.

Variety of Flavors

One of the downsides of cannabinoids is that they have a particularly earthy taste that not everyone is keen on. As a result, many companies add flavoring to their gummies to make them more enjoyable. Some companies use all-natural flavors, while others may stick to artificial flavorings. Which one you choose all depends on your personal preference.

Price Point

Pricing is important because it typically tells you a lot about the quality of the product. The more expensive a product is, the more time and energy has gone into perfecting it. This isn’t always the case as some low-potency products may be less expensive but still high quality. That’s why it’s essential to pay attention to the ingredients in the products that you’re buying, among other things.

Finding the Right Dosage


Many people aren’t sure of where to start when consuming delta 8 THC gummies. They always either end up taking too much or too little. If you’re a veteran user, you may be more keen to take double the dosage as delta 8 gummies are less potent than the delta 9 gummies you may already be used to. However, if you’re just starting out, be sure to start with the lowest dose possible and then work your way up from there.

Typically, the standard dose for delta 8 THC is about 10 to 60 mg. At 10 mg, you will feel some of the effects, but you won’t feel high. However, once you reach a dosage of about 30 mg or higher, you’ll notice a strong cognitive change and other effects, such as appetite stimulation.

Is it Safe to Take Delta 8 THC Gummies?

There’s not much research that has been done on delta 8 THC, but the research we do have says delta 8 THC is safe for human consumption. The only thing that can make these products dangerous are the synthetic additives that some brands may add and the contaminants from improper purging or bleaches in the distillate.

Benefits of Delta 8 THC Gummies

There are dozens of benefits that come with taking delta 8 THC. For the most part, they help with:

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

How Long Until You Feel the Effects?

This all depends on the product you consume. Gummies usually take longer to take effect because they must first go through the liver. However, you’ll feel the effects anywhere from 40 minutes to two hours.

Are There Negative Side Effects?

The only negative side effects associated with delta 8 THC are:

  • Mild irritation
  • Dry mouth
  • Red eyes
  • Problems focusing
  • Boost in appetite


There’s a lot to consider when shopping for delta 8 THC products. We recommend shopping from brands such as Area 52 and Finest Labs due to the quality of ingredients used and their transparency with customers. However, the brand you choose all depends on your preference. Simply make sure you’re doing the necessary research to ensure the product you’re buying is safe for consumption.

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