From Now on, This Is How I’m Doing Wedding Guest Dressing

I won’t be the first or the last person to ever panic about what to wear to a wedding. The truth is that it’s difficult because we’ve all been hardwired into buying something new for the occasion. I imagine this is something to do with the psychology behind getting dressed. A new dress will make us feel and look better, so we’re always striving for the next dress to give us that confidence boost. I get it because I’ve been there, but there are two major problems with this thinking: One, it’s not ethical to continue buying a new dress every time there’s a fancy event on only to never wear it again. Two, it’s not a financial option for most of us.

But what if I were to tell you that you can wear a new dress to every nuptial you’ve got coming up this year and beyond that not only will cost you less but also will, most likely, be more sustainable? Rental platforms have been growing in popularity especially over the past year and a half as we’ve examined how we consume clothing. Various apps and sites offer the option to borrow a dress (or other items) for whatever event you’ve got coming up. For me, finding my next wedding guest dress on a rental site is at the top of my list.

According to some of the leading rental clothing sites, the appetite for borrowing is booming. Rotaro has seen “rental orders up [by] 800% since the latest phase of lockdown easing.” Tamsin Chislett, co-founder and CEO for Onloan similarly said, “We saw a 200% increase in enquiries for wedding guest rentals in June.” As for By Rotation, the app saw an 800% increase in views on their wedding guest collection too. If that’s not enough proof that there’s a high demand for rentals, then I don’t know what is. Below, I’ve curated some of the coolest wedding guest dresses you can rent for any upcoming nuptials you have.

By Rotation

Rejina Pyo Pink Greta Dress (£30)

Alessandra Rich Leopard Print Dress (£87)

Tibi Plisse Dress (£12)

The Vampire’s Wife Pleated Floral Print Cotton Dress (£20)

Rixo Ivy Dress in Multi Ditsy Floral Paisley (£12)


Shrimps Gold Floral-Print Lamé Midi Dress (£45)

Silvia Astore Magenta Silk Ines Midi Dress (£45)

Yasmina Q Clemence Dress in Green Jasmine Print (£29)

Matériel Tbilisi Electric Blue Silk Buckled Dress (£45)

Rotate Birger Christensen Natalie Dress in Pink and Black (£39)


Kitri Jessie Dress (£34)

Kai Collective Gaia Red Velvet Dress (£30)

Ghost Wilma Dress (£27)

Needle & Thread Jasmine Hemsley Dress (£42)

Seraphina The Ruffle Dress (£52)


AlexaChung Granny Smith Shirt Dress (£0)

Mother of Pearl Fringe Hemmed Midi Dress (£0)

Maggie Marilyn It’s Up to You Knotted Crepe Midi Dress (£0)

Stine Goya Arlinda Draped Printed Crepe Midi Dress (£0)

Soeur Meryl Silk Twill Geometric Midi Dress (£0)

Endless Wardrobe

De la Vali Oswaldo Dress (£75)

AlexChung Vivian Chocolate Polka Dot Tie Waist Dress (£49)

De la Vali Ohio Midi Dress (£49)

Essentiel Antwerp Zinchilla Maxi Dress (£39)

Alexachung Adeline Gathered Dress (£49)

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