Unique Wedding Favor Ideas For A Soldier’s Bride

Every bride loves the thrill of the moment when her man pops the big question. For a girl who gives the affirmative to a soldier in the military the moment is especially poignant. If you are such a lady then you want your wedding to be a day neither of you will ever forget. Some military brides elope, some have to marry swiftly and watch tearfully as their groom goes off to war, then other lucky brides get that big wedding they’ve always dreamed of.

If you’re a soldier’s bride who is planning a big wedding that includes a bridal gown, guests, invitations, flowers etc, I’m sure you have a lot on your mind. Let me help ease some of that burden by offering you tips on selecting wedding favors for your guests.

Before we dive into the bag of wedding favor ideas you must first decide on what your wedding theme will be. This includes colors and floral arrangements. If you’ve already made those decisions let’s get started. First of all decide if you want to give one kind of wedding favor to all your guests or if you are planning to give one kind of favor to the men and another to the women.

Men’s Wedding Favors:

If you’ve decided to hand out special favors for your male guests then you have a unique variety available to you. Bottle stoppers, personalized mint tins, cigar favors, coasters, (men are always leaving glass rings on your coffee tables) champagne bucket timers, all of these adorable favors would be spectacular to offer men at your wedding. If you love chocolate, delectable truffles, filled with raspberry, nuts, carmel and other fillings would be a special treat.

Women’s Wedding Favors:

Sometimes it’s easier to buy for a lady than a man. Offer love letter openers, heart shaped measuring spoons, chocolate truffles, Bloembox flower seed favors and adorably packaged soaps and bath salts. These luxurious favors will be treasured and when next they sink down into a bubble bath, they will remember and be greatly appreciative of your favor.

Children’s Favors:

Children are fairly easy to buy for, a coloring book, puzzle, bubble bath or ice cream cake. These delightful favors will be appreciated and keep the restless tykes busy. Of course mommy may have to scurry for a wash cloth to wipe away those chocolate smiles but in the end it will all be worth it.

Dear bride remember, this day can be the wedding of your dreams, it’s up to you to make it happen.