Why I Booked A Month In Paris

Why I Booked A Month In Paris – an indigo day

Why I Wanted To Spend A Month Somewhere New

I have always wanted to spend a month or two somewhere for quite a while now. In all honesty, I think about moving to NYC more than I think about anything else. But I just can’t seem to pull the trigger on it. I think part of it is the fear of leaving my life behind to start over. Plus, I own my place and selling it felt so permanent. And sadly, I can’t rent it out currently. I knew if I moved somewhere and hated it, coming back to Atlanta would mean downsizing for me probably. Plus, my income is so inconsistent with the job I have, that doing it always felt very scary.

So a month or two would be a good test case where I can experience a city I’ve always dreamed to live in. I could see if the grit and hustle of a bustling city are something I’d enjoy. It would just be me dipping my toes in. It would at least maybe satisfy the craving and hold me off for a while and shut me up about wanting to move.

My current job also allows me this flexibility and I am so thankful for that. So I dreamt of doing it. Working, living and exploring in a new city. And for me, the short list has always been New York City, Chicago, Boston and Paris. Cities I adore and feel familiar with. Why not? I know people in all these cities, they’re places I’d be thrilled to live in and that I know I already enjoy.

Easier said than done…

So many things kept me from actually doing this. The logistics of figuring it all out and the expense were big ones. But most importantly, it was the guilt of leaving my beloved Boston Terrier, Pork behind. Or figure out how to bring her along with me and would that have been even fair to her? Then as she grew older and developed some health issues, I started to fear leaving her for too long. Worried that she’d cross the rainbow bridge when I wasn’t home. I can’t tell you how many times my therapist and I talked about this. You can’t put your life on hold for an aging dog, or an aging parent. If you can do it now, do it. What if you’re waiting for them to pass and it ends up being 20 years down the road and you’ve been just putting things off. And now the opportunity is no longer there. Take it. Go for it.